Jeff Gibbons – For this reason we persist

For this reason we persist. That somehow it is possible that from that scrap of cloth and oil on the wall a communication takes place about a complex notion. That in the STUFF of our existence, it moves from my mind/body/action to yours through this substance that is not specific and yet can be so precise. The seriousness of the endeavour is very beautiful. That a quality which otherwise cannot be communicated, is through paint. This is like the intangible precision with which musical composition and poetry can cause such attention, that a person is struck with surprise having grasp the intent.

I know that I am doing something serious. I realise that people sometimes do not fully understand but accept that there is something they want to grasp. You think it’s one thing but in fact it’s another, then it turns on its head and it is another angle on the same proposition, one richness flowing into another. The beauty is not in the works of art but in what they are able to communicate. That a work can talk in the ether between now and now. The communication itself is in a language which is not palpable, we are discussing a thing, a notion but the notion is like defining a piece of the air. At the same time this ‘nothing-thing’ that we define is also recognised very precisely; though sometimes not accepted as having been grasped.


Jeff Gibbons©