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‘Consider then, the idea of the work of art as an essay that gives voice – often a ventriloquist’s voice and form – to a project.’ Art & Language, Five Edited Abstracts

What Work Does the Artwork Do?: Criticality and Context

What Work Does the Artwork Do? : Criticality and Context brings together researchers, members of activist art groups and the general public interested in the place and role of art’s criticality. Instead of asking the definitional question “What is Art?”, the project provides a space to explore and discuss the roles and purposes of artworks – the work artworks do.

You are invited to join the discussion by contributing to our open call for responses. The material collected in this online forum will be used, alongside presentations, as a basis for discussion at our Symposium held at the ICA on 4 December 2014. Findings will be compiled and published through the Journal of Visual Arts Practice.

What Does the Artwork Do?: Criticality and Context is presented by Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon (CCW) Graduate School in collaboration with Lisson Gallery and the ICA. The symposium follows three previous symposia on the theme of 'What Work Does the Artwork Do?' which took place in London and ZKM, Karlsruhr. It will bring together distinguished scholars and artists and operate in reference to the A&L show opening on November 14th 2014 at the Lisson Gallery.

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